To be perfectly honest with you, I have to say that out of all of the pornstars in the world, the Thai girls scare me the most. Take a look at the free thai pornz on FreePornz.com and you can see why I have my fears. Most of these girls look like they could go either way. Some look like girls, but most look like I want to do a crotch check before going home with then. Even then you are not safe because the Thailand doctors are pioneering reconstructive surgery for transgender girls. They make their pussies look just like the read thing. They even give them a clit with nerve endings from the heads of their cocks so they can orgasm like natural women!

How are you going to protect yourself from these imposters? Well, maybe you shouldn’t protect yourself. Maybe this is just evolution happening right before our eyes. Get on the bandwagon and wonder if you are fucking a real woman.

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